Sunday, February 2, 2020, 6 p.m. / 8 p.m., Venuše ve Švehlovce (Slavíkova 22, Praha 3)

Francis Poulenc: LA VOIX HUMAINE


Stage director: Veronika Loulová
Sets: Matěj Kos
Costumes: Vojtěch Hanyš
Light Design – Judita Mejstříková
Producers - Ondřej Melíšek, Vilma Klepková, Mahulena Vondrášková


Musical preparation / piano - Ahmad Hedar
Elle - Eliška Gattringerová / Tamara Morozova


Francis Poulenc's opera, "La voix humaine" (The Human Voice) is an intimate monodrama about a woman, her voice, body, and mind in conflict with a masculine, often uncompromising world. Rather than romanticize the unnamed heroine's struggle, the composer presents a cult of female beauty without typically operatic embellishments. In a nuanced and dynamic single act, the piece delves into the woman's troubled psyche, probing her volatile mental state and revealing the depths of her despair as she carries on a telephone conversation with her ex-lover. In the span of an hour, Poulenc's telling of the story surveys a wide range of emotions that are brought to light through his characteristically coloristic music and the intimacy of his single character on a simple stage.

Having presented a series of large-scale, open-air productions, independent opera company Run OpeRun has decided on a new, more intimate approach with this work. This site-specific performance places us directly in the main character's apartment and, thanks to the limited capacity of the venue, the audience spends the most tense moments as close to her as one can be, unable to miss every glance, every gesture, every new thought that comes into her troubled mind.

La Voix Humaine - Tamara Morozova,
photo Apolena Vondrášková





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